Save our Strangelove

Eva Strangelove Benefit show! Auckland, New Zealand

29th March (Good Friday)
420 K Rd
8pm - late (… did we mention the 24/7 licence?)
$15 door charge

Asphyxia Couture and Blackfrog Event Management are proud to present:


Join us for a night of glamour, sultry temptation, and down right dirty rock ‘n roll. Get your glad rags out, polish your brogues, set your curlers and come shimmy with the best of them to raise funds for this beautiful lady. Good Friday has never been so good!

Lilly Loca
Leda Petit
Miss Anthropy
Miss Bettsy Lee Rose
Dolly Destory
Cherry Bombshell

Filth Dog
Die Manix
Little Bandwagon

Snatch up items at the LIVE AUCTION from our fabulous sponsors:
★ Nick Von K
★ Whipsssh Latex
★ Live & Let Dye
★ Dolls House Nails
★ Asphyxia Couture


NZ-born international burlesque star, Eva Strangelove, is currently hospitalised in Texas after narrowly escaping death due to contracting Strep Pneumonia (bacterial meningitis). She is recovering well but, as she is not a US citizen, her medical bills are skyrocketing. Friends, family and fans have begun an overwhelming global campaign to raise funds to support Eva in this medical and financial crisis. “Save Our Strangelove” ( has currently raised over $16,000 and counting.

For those of you who are unable to make it but would still like to show your support, online donations can be made here:

★ All funds raised at this event go directly to Eva Strangelove ★

Click here to visit the facebook page for this show for more details!

My apologies for the lack of updates over the past week or so, it’s been a little hectic around here, and i’m only just catching up on internet stuff this evening :)

There’s still two weeks left till the fundraiser for Eva comes to an end, so please click the link below and send her a little love - even if it’s in the form of a hug (click the Hugs tab!).

Our other fundraising efforts have not come to an end yet - we have a couple of shows and auctions still up our sleeves… so keep watching this blog!


Auction - Bronze bunny head pendant, hand made by Vaune mason

This beautiful bunny head is a classic piece designed and made in Wellington by jeweller Vaune Mason.

This beautiful guy comes with a red velvet pouch to keep him safe, and is strung on a long (midriff length) bronze chain.

Vaune makes a range of bunnies - this one was inspired by her pet rabbit “Little Bunny”.

All proceeds of this auction will go to Eva Strangelove via her fundraiser on

Click here to go to the auction

Auction - Grande skull ring, hand made by Vaune Mason

Designed and made in Wellington by jeweller Vaune Mason for her range HUSK.

The Grande Skull ring is hand carved and cast in solid brass, with a chunky hand processed solid silver band. Part of a series called Bella Muerta, designed to celebrate the Dia de los Muertos…

This beautiful guy comes with a red velvet pouch to keep him safe.

Please state your ring size after purchase (in US or UK sizing) and it will be sized to fit you.


All proceeds of this auction will go to Eva Strangelove’s fundraiser on

Click here to go to the Trademe auction

Auction! Hand-made brass marigold studs by Vaune Mason

Gorgeous earrings!

Designed and made in Wellington by jeweller Vaune Mason for her range HUSK.

These large marigold studs were carved and cast in solid brass with sterling silver posts (as modelled here by Vaune)

These little classics come with sturdy surgical stainless and acrylic butterflies, and a red velvet pouch to keep them safe.

Click here to go to the Trademe auction

All proceeds will go to Eva Strangelove’s medical fundraiser via

Auction ended - Portrait of Eva by Denis Hall NZ$250 raised!

Congratulations to the winning bidder on the Trademe auction for this wonderful oil on canvas portrait of Eva by NZ artist Denis Hall!

Auction ended - Ostrich feather fans NZ$305 raised!

Congratulations to our lovely Australian bidder for winning the Trademe auction for a pair of turquoise ostrich feather fans from

All proceeds of this auction will go to Eva Strangelove’s medical fundraiser.  You can donate too -click here to go to the page!

An update from Eva!

My last night in hospital! It felt like this day would never come. I am so happy to be alive that staying positive has been easy, especially with my incredible husband Dave being here for me, keeping my chin up, keeping track of everything which I can barely wrap my head around and helping make the bed-ridden days go faster.
As you all know, he has been a complete Godsend. He is my rock, and he kept his head above water while I lay there, comatose on life support for weeks, on the verge of death. He stayed so strong and positive for me. I will never get pissy at him for any reason ever again in my whole life!
It has been the longest and most torturous, agonizing month of my entire life and I will never look at life the same again, seeing as I almost lost mine. My wonderful family even flew over from NZ and Australia to be with me, especially when the docs said i only have a 60% chance of pulling thru.
I still cannot walk without the aid of a walker, breathe fully without the aid of an oxygen tank nor is my voice completely back, but I go home tomorrow and so begins my physical therapy to get my strength, lung capacity and body back! I will be taking a break from modeling and performing for another month while I recoup, but will be back in full swing by late March for Viva Las Vegas. This is my goal! It will still be my year!
The two words “Thank You” cannot begin to cover my gratitude to the countless folks who have made donations towards my hospital bills! My goodness, I am overwhelmed! Nearly 13k! Just to be clear, I *am* insured, but it does not begin to cover what this month-long hospital stay is going to set us back. It is in the six figure mark but we don’t care, because I’m alive! ♥ And of course, thank you all for your prayers and good vibes, it all worked of course!
I had the worst case of ARDS that the docs had ever seen. ARDS is Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome aka total lung failure as a result of my immunity being down thanks to the flu, which turned into pneumonia. It was the years of yoga, not smoking and a life support machine called ECMO that kept me alive. The ECMO machine basically pumped my blood out of me thru two finger-wide tubes directly from inside my heart and filtered it back in for me every minute, to give my lungs a chance to rest and recover.
And I recovered so well and quickly that they did not need to give me a tracheostomy as expected. I was nicknamed the Golden Child of the ICU ward.
Im alive! Screw you death! Heaven can wait. I got sh*t to do.

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Auction ended - Lingerie set worn by Dita Von Teese

Congratulations to the winning bidder on Danica Lee’s auction, what an incredible set to win!

Thank you so much Danica for donating such a wonderful item to raise funds for Eva’s medical care!


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